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WashBar Travel Fresh Cedarwood Pet Spritzer 125ml

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• Helps to repel fleas and ticks, making your dog clean and smelling business-like and fresh between washes. Convenient to use during travel
• Suitable for spritzing directly on your dog, on bedding and other surfaces
• 100% natural ingredient, alcohol-free and perfume-free
• Effective in masking unpleasant smell

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WashBar Travel Fresh Cedarwood Pet Spritzer

Travel Fresh is a woodland fresh fragrance that appeals to almost everyone. It is extremely effective on “smelly wet dog” and great for use between bath times, or when the dog is in the car with you. Can be sprayed directly on your pet, or on surfaces where your pet lies. It is also great to use for natural flea control as it contains essential oils and Neem oil that are known to repel fleas and insects.

  • Designed to keep even the most active pet smelling great and ideal to keep in the car.
  • More than cologne or perfume – as well as being a coat freshener or deodorant, The Travel Fresh is an insect repellent.
  • The easy to use spray trigger delivers an even spray – and have a lock button.
  • Can be sprayed directly onto bedding or furniture.
  • 100% natural and alcohol free – ideal for sensitive skins.
  • Made in New Zealand


  • Easy to use – shake the bottle and spray liberally onto your pets’ coat – one or two squirts for a very small dog up to 6 or more for a larger dog. It’s totally safe, you can’t overdo it.
  • If your dog is nervous about being sprayed, spray it into your hands and gently rub through their coat.
  • Can be sprayed onto surfaces and bedding your pet lays on.
  • Ingredients are all natural.


Water (aqua), Manuka hydrosol (Leptospermum scoparium), Neem oil, Pure Essential Oils of Cedarwood, Rosemary, Lemongrass, Thyme and Peppermint

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